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This Incubator will Activate Your Joyful NextGen Social Impact Project!

This course is jam-packed with so much goodness!

What is an incubator and how can I get the most out of it? 

An incubator is what it sounds like, a place for ideas to be safe to come forward without judgment. See in a full life, we don't always remember to take "time outs" to learn, rediscover or remember what we don't yet know from our soul. If we don't take the time to pause, we may not get the chance to access the depth of desire within our hearts, just waiting for us to say, "Yes!"

You probably have glimpses or nudges of what's next, but if you are ready to really activate it and move into deeper knowing, I invite you to take this online incubator course for women. Think of it like a seven day (or however long it takes you) intimate party with badass social change femagents just like you.

In this incubator, I've created all the juicy ingredients for you to setup a safe, comfortable space for discovery to bake up your nextgen social mission. It is warm, it is open, it is ready to allow what is meant to come forth to fall in your lap. But in order for us to incubate together, its important to do the following:

1. Learn how to create space, really, for feeling good and ready for a new way, with curiosity and play as our foundation

2. Not jump to judgment with whatever juicy ideas, thoughts and inspirations come forward

3. Be ready to take inspired action!

When a new baby chick is incubating in a box, the only thing it needs is love and protection. An incubator for ideas around your heart's desire and social impact business is no different. Create the space, commit to actualizing and incrementing towards your dreams and nextgen steps of your mission-driven life and watch the world unfold to meet you!

Course includes exactly:

Social Impact Mission Visualization Meditation: ($20 value) This meditation was attuned to allow you the space to truly open to the highest potential and resonance of your next level self/mission and social impact project or business.

Seven intimate, honest interviews with some of the top women in social impact businesses. You can take the course over 7 days or at your leisure, depending on your timeline for creating space for opening to new potential with your mission! 

Guest Instructor Interviews:

  1. “Discovering Your Social Mission and Soul Expression” with Rachelle Reichley, Founder & CEO, YAY! Life, Artist, Improv Actress. Rachelle stumbled upon her impact business when baking a pie. Sometimes the best ideas are simple. She brings her artistic spiritual truth and aliveness to everything she does. She is a beacon of social impact and advocacy through the arts.

  2. “Being a Woman as Social Change.” Andrea E. Nicholas, Embodiment Coach, Tantra Guide, Vocal Alchemist, & Voice Activator. Andrea's unique expression is the purity of a devotion to the divine feminine. By being unabashedly open in her expression she inspires thousands of women to do the same.

    BONUS: You also are gifted with an Orgasmic Bliss Meditation ($20 value) from Andrea to increase your access to heightened states of pleasure. From there, you can tap into inspired ideas and actions and call in true magic for it to actualize with ease and in right timing.

  3.  “Social Impact Financing & Gender Bias” with Wendi Burkhardt
    Startup Co-Founder & CEO, www.
    Wendi has more than 25 years of technology experience working with venture start-ups, emerging technology offerings, rapid-growth tech firms and Fortune 500 corporations. She is a seasoned entrepreneur as well as a mentor and coach to social ventures.

  4. “Design Thinking for Change.” Katie Kirsch, Co-Founder of Girls Driving for a Difference and Business Development Associate at IDEO, a global design company. (LinkedIn Profile) Katie uses design thinking and social activism together to create massive social impact every single day.

  5. “Clearing Energy & Boundaries.” Danielle Laura, CEO & Founder of H.O.T. Souls, she has extensive background in the healing arts, relationships and soul-based business. We talked about how to clear your energy and create healthy boundaries so you can bring your best self to every moment.

  6. “Magical Relationships in Life & Biz.” Jess Reidell, a love and life coach who focuses on bringing everyday magic back to the mundane. We talked about emotions, magic and relationships as a part of our social mission.

  7. “Shadow, Fear and Bold Truth Telling.” Jenny Tosner, Founder, Warrior Storytellers, Best Selling Author and Publisher. Jenny is on a mission to help heal the world through sharing our stories.  

Each day includes video and audio options which you can download to listen at your leisure. At the end of each day, you are given a prompt for deeper reflection and inquiry. You are also invited to share your learnings in my facebook group and receive support.

Results are not guaranteed (as you take personal responsibility for your results) and there are no refunds.

It's packed with juicy interviews & exercises!

  • 1
    What's an Incubator and How Will it Help Me?
    • What is an incubator?
  • 2
    Let's Dive In!
    • How to take this course and what to expect?
    • Social Impact Mission Visualization Meditation
  • 3
    Rachelle Reichley: Soul Expression and Impact
    • Rachelle Reichley, Founder of Yay! Life!
    • Soul Expression and Social Impact, How to Know the Difference / Overlaps?
    • Download the Audio: Rachelle Reichley
    • Challenge / Inquiry
  • 4
    Katie Kirsch: Design Thinking for Social Good
    • Design Thinking with Katie Kirsch from IDEO
    • What is Design Thinking and How Does it Apply to Life and Business?
    • Download the Audio: Katie Kirsch Design Thinking
    • Challenge / Inquiry
  • 5
    Danielle Laura: Energy Clearing & Boundaries
    • Danielle Laura, H.O.T. Souls Founder on Clearing Your Energy & Boundaries
    • Getting Super Clear; Advanced Energy Techniques for Clearing and Boundaries
    • Download the Audio: Danielle Laura Getting Clear & Boundaries
    • Challenge / Inquiry
  • 6
    Jenny Tosner: Shadow, Clearing Fear and Truthtelling
    • Jenny Tosner CEO Warrior Storytellers
    • Jenny Tosner, Shadow, Clearing Fear and Truthtelling
    • Download Audio: Jenny Tosner
    • Fear Detox Challenge / Inquiry
  • 7
    Andrea E. Nicholas: The Beingness of a Woman in Life & Business
    • Andrea E. Nicholas on Being a Woman as Social Change
    • Andrea E. Nicholas on Being a Fully Alive Woman
    • Download Audio: Andrea E. Nicholas Being a Fully Alive Woman
    • Challenge / Inquiry
    • BONUS Audio: Orgasmic Bliss Meditation
  • 8
    Jess Reidell: Magical Relationships in Business & Life
    • Jesss Reidell, Love and Life Coach at Mystic Mavens
    • Jess Reidell on Magical and Heart Centered Relationships in Life and Business
    • Download Audio: Jess Reidell on Magic and Heart Centered Relationships in Life and Business
    • Challenge / Inquiry
  • 9
    Wendi Burkhardt: Social Impact Startup Founder Financing and Gender Bias
    • Wendi Burkardt, CEO & Co-Founder
    • Wendi Burkardt: Social Impact Startup Financing & Gender Bias
    • Download Audio: Wendi Burkhardt Social Impact Startup Financing & Gender Bias
    • Challenge / Inquiry
  • 10
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